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About Me

Through all of my years in management and leadership roles, those with and without titles, my favorite part was helping people reach their highest potential. Whether that was sharing my personally created resources, demonstrating best practices in processes and procedures, my ability to translate complex topics into easily understood terms, creating knowledge base articles, auditing or providing quality assurance feedback, training new hires, or shadowing people to provide real-time live feedback on their performance; my goal was always to help them become the best version of themselves that I saw they were capable of, often when they did not see it.

When I decided to leave the employment track and begin this journey as an entrepreneur I took with me my innate desire to lead and help others and have tried to transform that into a business in which I can impact a wider range of people and help them improve their lives through better businesses. When one of my former colleagues was asked to describe my management and leadership abilities he said


"People were upset when they weren't on her team". My team was always so well supported that people on other teams would come to them for help, because I raised them to be leaders and go on to promotions and other opportunities for growth and advancement.

Becoming an independent coach was a bit of a scary process for me. Within other companies people were assigned to my teams either by chance or through promotion to my departments. How would people get on to my "team" now that it was voluntary instead of just part of their job? I've done my best to grow into my vision of a coach that people will seek out for the leadership I model as well as coach them to become. It's an ongoing process and I work on my personal growth daily, as I always have, in order to continue providing the absolute best support and experience to my team. When you hire me as your coach we partner to build a relationship that goes deeper than just solving business problems. I treat you as if your business is mine and my success depends on yours, because you deserve nothing less than the best!

Join us for new small group coaching sessions starting in January.

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