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This is a membership-based program aimed to provide the highest value at the most affordable cost.

This program is a great fit for CEO's, Owners, and Presidents of small to mid-sized businesses. The program is centered around a monthly group coaching meeting, and has the flexibility to choose quarterly or monthly individual coaching sessions according to your needs. Additional benefits include quarterly business workshops, networking events, and online content.

 We look forward to welcoming you into our community and helping you grow!

~Monthly Meetings Have Gone Virtual Until Further Notice~

New Members & Guests Welcome Wednesdays at 1:00 pm CST.

Please call or text (844)342-1742 for invitations.

Join us for new small group coaching sessions starting in January.

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

Each small group includes up to 8 carefully selected non-competitive business owners, and is based on building business expertise, trust, and camaraderie. Each session will include an educational segment such as skill building, development exercises, or special guest speakers. The balance of the meeting time will allow each member a chance to bring up a topic they need help with and receive live coaching as well as input from the rest of the group. Meetings typically run 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the number of participants.

Quarterly or Monthly Individual Coaching

Depending on the membership level selected, each member will receive a 60-minute individual business coaching session once per quarter or once per month. These sessions are completely focused on you, your company, and your needs. Work one-on-one with your coach to achieve breakthroughs in your awareness, choices, and actions to support your ideal professional and personal growth.

You are able to change between frequency levels at the beginning of each quarter.

Quarterly Business Workshops

Your membership includes quarterly business workshops. There will be two dates and locations to choose from, and RSVP is required to ensure adequate seats are available at each event. The workshops will include multiple speakers presenting relevant business educational topics to help you grow your business such as Marketing, HR, Sales skills, Accounting, Payroll, CRM Software, Social Media, Networking, Management, Leadership, Legal, and other services which support you in running successful businesses. You will leave each event with valuable knowledge to help run your business.

Networking Events

We partner with local networking groups to sponsor a variety of networking events throughout the month. These events are open to non-members, however only members will be allowed to make business presentations to the groups. There is no exclusivity within industries. These events are currently being hosted at local area restaurants. The only cost is for you to purchase your own food and drink. We do ask that you support the restaurants we meet at by buying your lunch there because they are typically allowing free use of their rooms for these events.

Online Content

All That Prospers produces a variety of online content each month including a newsletter, blog posts, and videos. These are geared towards business educational topics, motivation, and inspiration to further help you learn and grow. Subscription to emails or texts is optional, and most content is available on-demand as we respect your time and contact preferences. You can adjust your content delivery preferences at any time through the member portal. 

Online Courses

Partnerships Prosper members have access to enroll at special discounted rates in the courses produced by All That Prospers. You must be a paid member in good standing in order to receive the special rates. New trial members and non-members can purchase the courses at regular price. 

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