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Business Owners, when is the last time you…

Felt relaxed and creative?

Knew you were surrounded by trusted support?

Took a vacation and the business sailed smoothly without you?

Had time to break away from daily operations and plan for future growth?

Partnerships Prosper, in collaboration with 6 additional Expert Business Coaches, has created an online course that will take you through practical, step-by-step solutions to transform 2019's Breakdowns into 2020's Breakthroughs.

Businesses Prosper: 6 Steps to Implement and Accelerate People-Focused Strategies to Optimize Efficiency and Profitability


Together, through this training we will help guide you to get your day-to-day business running smoothly, build a trusted support network to sustain the new operations, and create time and space for you to step away and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit so you can continue to build a better future for yourself and your company.

Additional details and registration will be available in mid-August. If you'd like to be notified of updates please text ECOURSE to (844)342-1742, or email

  • Quick and efficient daily prioritization so the most urgent matters are handled first, and the rest stay on track to timely and accurate completion.

  • How to shift your mindset from "I have to do it all myself" to "I can focus on what I do best, and rely on others to support the rest", without feeling as if you're giving up control or quality of results.

  • How to find and vet the best resources that match your needs and deliver top ROI for your business.

We Tackle Issues Such As

This Course Is For You If: You're a business owner who wants an affordable self-paced way to learn simple step-by-step methods to fix common issues. You need something which will create greater time, money, and resources for future growth. You're willing to put in the work on your own to achieve and sustain the results.


What This Course Includes: The daily lessons are delivered in a combination of engaging formats including videos, audios, exercises, and printable materials. We did our best to make it like a live conversation so you look forward to returning each day and continuing to learn.


Within the course you are able to post comments, as well as view and respond to other peoples' posts. You can connect with other business owners and be part of a community of people all working to improve their businesses along side of you.


Support is available within the course if you have questions about the lessons, or want to provide feedback so we can continue to improve it.

Registration Opens mid-August 2020
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