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What's your favorite thing about Fall? Mine is Change.

Yesterday I was asked what is my favorite thing about the Fall season and what came to my mind was how beautiful change can be.

Here in the Midwest the season of Fall brings about a tremendous amount of change as the leaves on the trees turn from green to yellow, orange, and red. The weather cools and turns crisp to accompany the dry, crinkly leaves falling to the ground. Nature displays for us that change can bring grand and beautiful outcomes we can only see through this process.

I've been through some unexpected changes recently which shook up my life and business routines. Even as a coach, these changes initially brought on some fears and resistance in me because they were unplanned. I worked through it and as things unfolded I found some beautiful new people and opportunities coming into my life and I am really grateful now for what has changed!

Are you in a season of change that you wish was happening as smoothly as the beautiful process that unfolds in nature? Would a conversation about how to embrace change and adapt help you see what possibilities might be waiting for you just ahead? Let's chat about your needs and how my coaching can help move you through your seasons of change. Message me to start that conversation today.


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